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A Violet Dusk on the Horizon

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Imaginary Girl
8 October
My name is Chenin, I'm a writer who lives in Austin, and I want to go to school for languages. =)

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User Number: 63105
Date Created:2001-02-24
Number of Posts: 303

I like to write, learn languages, travel, and watch the Science channel. I am a ninja in my free-time, and I like to read a lot.
Strengths: I am sarcastic, and tend not to take things too seriously. I also win at crosswords and video games. Always. Bring it on.
Weaknesses: I am a Libra, and therefore cannot make a decision to save my life.
Special Skills: As stated above, I am a ninja, and a master genius video game player...plus I type really fast. I can also cluck like a chicken. I have a whole routine. It's exciting!
Weapons: Evil death glare, talon-like fingernails, razor sharp wit, and throwing stars.
Theme Song: Nine Inch Nails - Reptilian

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