Is this thing on?

I'm not certain I even remember how to work this dusty ol' LJ.

Quick and dirty update for myself if not anyone else:

Life is peachy. Chris is trying to buy a house and it's frustrating. I'm trying to buy a car and it's frustrating. Work is steady, bartending and making jewelry (I'll have a booth at the Reggae Fest this year, come visit me and buy stuff and support my art habit!). Lots of costume parties at the Ayers Mansion (the place I pay rent and fail to live). Amazing stuff this year and last. Amazing people; inspiration abounds.

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I'll be back.

To all vegetarians who care:

I ate a black bean burger for the first time today.

Let me just say, I hate mushrooms, and therefore dislike most garden burgers. I can't stand that fungus flavor *cringe*.

This was the effin' best burger of any variety I have ever eaten. It was spicy and ssoooo good, and the texture was perfect. Nothing like meat, which is awesome because beef was always gross to me. So mouthwateringlydelicious I am hungry for it again!

Thank you, Morning Star, for making eating fake meat delicious AND nutritious!

I got some new shoes via the Payless buy one get one half off sale, and then my sister wound up paying for them despite my protests. She is great. I adore her. Not because she buys me things, but because she recognizes that I'll do anything for her if I can, and she will do the same for me.

Soooo I am painting my fingernails and toenails black. My two year old niece Liora has black fingernails right now, she is so cool. She was wearing a purple shirt today with a shiny black skull and crossbones, and beneath it the word "PRINCESS" with rhinestones. She is a rockstar. People at Chili's were looking at us funny. I love it. Hahah.

80's goth night tonight at Elysium, woot!

More later.
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OH Happy Day.

I worked by myself for 8 hours, which was awesome. I am proud I didn't ruin everything ever. I only made one silly mistake. Not so bad.

My sister picked me up and had a present for me. I closed my eyes, held out my hands, and received the Firefly DVD set <3333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have needed it for so long, she is so awesome. I heart her bad.

Now I am watching my nieces so she can go see a movie because she rocks so hard. And I am constructing poetry out of song titles!

65daysofstatic is my favorite:

Await rescue;
I swallowed hard like I understood.
Everything we talked about yesterday?
Another code against the gone.
Retreat, retreat.

NIN is good stuff too, as always:

We're in this together,
just like you imagined.
Somewhat damaged;
the fragile, the wretched,
into the void.
Even deeper,
the great below.

Ripe (with decay) underneath it all.
The mark has been made.
Somewhat damaged,
The day the whole world went away.

The way out is through,
I'm looking forward to joining you finally.
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Dr34ming, what!

I was reading through the dreams I have tagged in my journal here, and I realized that this one was not among them. It has to have been one of the only dreams that scared the piss outta me, so I think now is the time to type it up. It needs to be archived, fo sho.

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Two things!

First, seriously people, I will start punching you in the eye if you don't send me your damn PRECIOUS MOMENTS.

<3 thanks to those who have!


I have half of the polaroids taken on the camping adventure here, behind the cut!

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